Project Management Training for Corporate

The success of a company today depends on how many projects it has successfully completed. A successful project manager will be responsible to meet the project objectives, inspite of the challenges by constraints like time, quality and budget etc.

With our in-house corporate training, we uniquely combine project management expertise and intelligent business solutions to enable your entire team to win in this competitive environment. Our world-class instructors will help you improve your productivity, communication, execution, risk management and the overall team performance. Our in-house training solutions allow you to choose any classroom course of your choice to be delivered to at any venue of your choice – offering you the ultimate in convenience and value for money.

Why Solus Informatics as your training partner?

  • Solus Informatics has a demonstrated track record of providing efficient and effective learning solutions that help our clients drive toward high performance.
  • Our end-to-end training offering provides scalable, cost-effective learning solutions aligned with business strategy and designed to produce measurable improvements in business performance.
  • We are committed to deliver high end solutions with an accurate blend of knowledge, skills and expertise. The range of services offered ensures a complete end-to-end solution for the Corporate Training needs of large organizations.
  • Over a decade of experience in the Project Management space.
  • Over 1000 organizations served.
  • Expert instructors, all PMP certified.
  • 100% pass rate for PMP certification.

Benefits of corporate program:

  • In-house training save time and travel cost means less disruption and less time out of the office.
  • We can customize the training focusing your needs and targeted objectives incorporating case studies and examples from your own company.
  • Additional flexibility with your schedule as on-site training is based on your decision not by our public schedule.
  • Focused training session.