PMP Exam Update
19 July 2019

PMP Examination Content Outline Update

19 July 2019,

In latest update to the PMP examination, PMI conducted a Global Practices Analysis market research study, which produced a number of trends in the […]

Multi Project Management
1 July 2019

Factors that can affect Multi-project Management

1 July 2019,

Managing multiple projects is a juggling act; managing multiple projects with intertwined dependencies can be a nightmare. One of the most valuable skills any […]

Effective Communication
7 March 2019

Effective Communication: The Real challenge on Projects

7 March 2019,

How often did the Project Managers take Communication Management lightly while managing a project? In the recent PMI’s Pulse of the Profession report, it […]

PMP Cross Project-Learning
14 December 2018

Significance of Lessons Learned and Cross-Project Learning

14 December 2018,

Lessons learned are one of the most significant and at times highly ignored elements in the discipline of Project Management.  Ignored because they are […]

why do projects fail and how can we measure the success of a project
8 December 2018

Why do Projects fail and how can we measure the success of a Project?

8 December 2018,

Why is it that so many projects fail? According to one study, only 20% of projects meet schedule, budget, and quality goals. So, ‘why […]